What Our Customers Say

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What our customers say about us is true testament to the impact we have on lives every day. We love the applause and take on board all feedback to continually improve. 

"In my dealings with Paul he always acted in professional manner. He had great knowledge of the area and provided guidance when I needed it most. In our sales process he always kept me informed." - Hee Lye

"Patrick Bowen worked tirelessly for the sale of our property & took the stress away from us. He was always available to answer any questions & put our minds to rest. He is very professional and I would gladly recommend him to anyone looking to sell/buy a property. We would confidently give him 10/10 for customer service. Patrick you are THE BEST!!!!!!!!!" - Catherine 

“Natalie Newdick thanks for ur, honesty, work ethic & professionalism. It was a joy to work with you, on the sales of my property. Anyone looking to buy or sell property, should do themselves a favour & Call Natalie at LJ hooker Point Cook You will be greeted with a woman who is personable, friendly & professional, who will go above & beyond to meet ur needs. I have bought & sold many properties in the past, I can tell you Natalie out shone each & every other agent I’ve worked with. I shall return” – Lynette

“Rebecca is reliable and professional, she is extremely helpful and gets everything sorted straight away. She always keeps us posted about the inspection arrangement and helped me finding the right buyer. She answered all the queries I had, explained the whole selling process which reduced my stress a lot. I am overall satisfied with her work and would recommend her to our friends and neighbours.” – King Lok

"John is a gentleman and a scholar!! He is amazing and he is realistic in terms of achieving the end goal. He explained things in plain English and definitely not from a real estate jargonistic point of view. He was cognisant of our needs and requirements and guided us to the successful sale of our home. Another agent promised us the world and tried to cloud our position by giving us a quote that was unrealistic in this climate and I am sure we would be still looking to sell. Thanks John!" -  Jennifer

“Anu Sharma is a genuine agent who is trustworthy and responsible. We had a very smooth experience in the sale of our property and Anu was clinical in all the aspects of sale process.” – Abhilash & Gini 

"Dema is one of the leasing consultants that looked after us moving in to our new house. She is the best! My family is 110% satisfied with her service and professionalism. She’s friendly and easy to communicate with. Keep up the amazing work Dema." - Brian Asi 

"Phea was an extremely reliable real estate agent that assisted me in buying my first ever investment property/house. Phea was prompt to answer any questions and reliable in his communication and keeping me updated throughout the entire process of inspecting the property, putting in an offer and then to the house being sold. Phea presents himself in a very professional and respectable manner, and evidently displays exceptional knowledgeable in the properties that he looks after" - Jessica

"Erica is a very professional real estate agent, she has been an absolute pleasure to work with. We are very grateful for her support with purchasing our property. Erica was always so helpful and motivational when discussing properties. Erica was also extremely easy to get in contact with. Erica always prioritised finding properties that she knew we would love, which is how we have ended up with our dream home." - Rebecca

"Ahmad was always professional and trustworthy in his dealings with me. He was constantly in communication at every step of the process which made the process as stress free as possible. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to future clients." - Rod